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Thursday, October 22, 2009

New website promises to promote your music on Twitter

In the ever expanding world of social media technology companies are always looking for the next bright idea that might start a revolution. Whilst twitter itself still looks for it's company direction there are lots of experimental developers out there building some great tools for the platform.

Most of the time, the simplest ideas are usually the best, and is just that, a very good simple idea.

The idea is that you sign in to the site with your existing twitter username and password, upload a song with artwork, description etc, and choose whether to make it streaming or downloadable. Tweetmysong then automatically makes a web page with a player containing your tweeted song and posts the Tweetmysong URL , song title and message to your twitter page so listeners can hear it immediately.

Its a fantastic idea, and works - sometimes. As the service appears to be at a very early stage, when we tested the service it was hit and miss whether the system would upload your song correctly. We got a lot of 'Song Removed' messages after posting. We did get one or two tracks up for one of our artist Kandystand but it took a few attempts to get the system to accept our song.

Be aware that whether or not your song is accepted, your post still goes out to twitter, so if you keep trying to upload after errors occur, you'll get multiple messages on your twitter account that drive followers to pages that do not contain your song, so this bug is annoying and makes a bit of a mess of your twitter account. There doesnt seem to be any FAQ, contact or feedback links to the developers so I couldn't report bugs either.

The Tweetmysong page also tracks visitors to your song and gives you statistics on how many people have listened to the song. The site boasts that you can promote your music to millions, and whilst in theory that is true, unless you use some clever keywords in your hash tags, the reality is that unless you are mainly promoting your music to your followers, not the millions on twitter.

As with all social media it's key to success is all about building a community rather than shouting at the masses, so Tweetmysong is not going to make you famous on twitter, but it is a great platform for delivering audio files via twitter. Once the bugs have been ironed out and the developers of Tweetmysong become a little less anonymous, this would be a great addition to an independent musician's arsenal of self promotion tools.

Check out the service for yourself at

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