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Monday, May 18, 2009

Dirty Mittens: Pinky Swear EP Review

Dirty Mittens: Pinky Swear
Indie Rock Portland Oregon USA
CDBaby iTunes

Sounds Like:
Feist, Broken Social Scene, Architecture

Portland, Oregon has always been known for producing great bands from Pavement to The Decemberists. One of the newest names to be added to the lineup is The Dirty Mittens, a five piece indie rock outfit that make the most infectious music you will ever hear.

The Dirty Mittens have recently released the 'Pinky Swear' EP independently via

The album opens with 'The Small Things' which is an upbeat tempo song that will have you dancing before you even get out of the first verse. This is only the beginning of what is to come. 'Time Forgiver' is a brilliant track that mimics Feist but the band manages to make it their own.

The intensity of sounds that blend in this album from horns to pianos make for a perfect performance that is truly unique in the indie rock world. The Dirty Mittens not only reminds one a bit of Canadian rockers Broken Social Scene but also of Architecture in Helsinki, both flattering comparisons.

Singer Chelsea Morrisey has one of the sweetest voices in indie pop as it glides flawlessly from song to song. 'Amelia' is a very dramatic but dreamy song filled with haunting melodies as Morrisey sings 'We're all going down, and so are you', an unforgetable lyric.'Ten Feet Deep' is the softest song on the record but still manages to fit right in with the rest of the tracks.

The EP ends with 'The Dock', a song filled with catchy guitar riffs, a xlyaphone and the incredible horn playing that has been throughout the record. The Dirty Mittens are highly recommended and once you start listening to them you'll never want to stop. The band may seem young in years, but they sound like old pros.

Review by: Melissa Nastasi - MyMusicSuccess.Com